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About Us

We at ERBA Mannheim, deliver excellence through world-class quality and technology with unmatched standards of customer satisfaction.

Our association with our trusted partners has resulted in us, together setting new benchmarks in global healthcare. With common goals and interests, we work jointly to address healthcare needs:

Sysmex Corporation-Japan
Sysmex Corporation-Japan

In the core field of hematology, Sysmex is the global market leader and the number one supplier of hemostasis instrumentation worldwide. Sysmex develops, manufactures, markets and sells clinical laboratory testing instruments and is globally renowned for manufacturing Japan's first automated blood cell counter and a variety of reagents, essential for inspections and tests. It is also known for its 'particle measuring technologies'.
Sysmex is also renowned for health information technology and supplies to laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide. It also utilizes technologies of systematization, which fully integrate robotics, information technology, and more in order to bring innovations to the sites of actual inspections. Integration of those various technologies is the driving force behind Sysmex's business activities.



Medica uses its proprietary knowledge of ion-selective electrodes and analytical microchemistry to manufacture a line of easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and low-cost blood testing analyzers.The company's growth is a result of its strategic focus on worldwide need to lower healthcare costs.

Medica is known for being actively engaged in the development of new technology on which the company will base future analyzers with these same characteristics.


DIESSE Diagnostica Senese s.p.A. is recognised as a world-class manufacturer of innovative instrument systems and reagents for infectious disease testing. Located in Siena, Italy and also known for combining advanced technologies, enduring commitment to high quality standards, DIESSE has developed products which satisfy the growing demand for simplicity and efficiency in each clinical laboratory.


Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Wako Pure Chemical Industries Ltd. of  Japan. Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd., worldly renowned for its high purity chemicals, established Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. to expand its presence in the United States. The first US operations opened in 1981.