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ERBA Mannheim Worldwide

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Providing highest quality healthcare across the globe         

Product Focus

Automated HbA1c testing system

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Erba XL System Packs

Erba launches new reagents in
Clinical Biochemistry

* Enzymatic Creatinine
* Bilirubin Total & Direct (DCA Method)
* Lipase

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XL 1000

XL 1000 - Throughput of upto 1040 tests/hour with ISE- 800 photometric tests/ hr and 240 tests/ hr with ISE

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Welcome to ERBA Mannheim

At ERBA Mannheim, we are committed to provide 
'Total Solutions for Clinical Diagnosis'. 
Welcome to a world of Innovation,Quality, 
Precision, Reliability,
Customer Satisfaction and Affordability.

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