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About Us

We at ERBA Mannheim, deliver excellence through world-class quality and technology with unmatched standards of customer satisfaction.
Manufacturing Setup
Manufacturing Setup
For the ERBA Group, the focus is always on indigenous production and hence manufacturing forms the backbone of the group. The ISO 13485 manufacturing facilities, are strategically located across the globe, in USA (Miami and Arkansas), Italy (Rome), Turkey (Istanbul), Czech Republic (Brno), India (Mumbai) and France (Montpellier) to ensure easy availability of the products. The manufacturing facilities employ over 198 personnel.

Quality Control Check

ERBA Group's products are renowned for the highest quality. World-class standards and stringent quality controls ensure that each and every ERBA product lives up to the expectation. All the subsidiaries follow exactly the same process whereby all raw materials, components and processed parts, undergo extensive checks at all stages of production. Consistent, standardized performance is ensured through extensive calibrator and control runs on each assembled instrument prior to its release for distribution.