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ERBA Mannheim's instruments and reagents are accepted the world over for their quality, precision and ease of operation.

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XL 300

XL 300

The Erba XL 300 is an open system clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 300 tests per hour.

The Erba XL 300 is an open system, automated, discrete, random access, patient prioritised clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 300 tests per hour. It has a versatile system to analyze substrates, enzymes, specific proteins, drug assays, D.A.U etc. with unlimited data storage.

    • Unique result re-calculation facility that eliminates repeat runs
    • Allows to use Immuno Turbidimetric, Latex Turbidimetric based methods
    • Static photometer design with diffraction grating and diode array detectors
    • Lower reagent consumption due to reading volume of 200 µ
    • Unlimited test programmes, any number of calculation items,unlimited test profiles
    • Choice of 12 wavelengths from 340 to 750 nm with O.D. range from 0 to 3.5 Abs
    • Quality Control programme to provide daily & monthly Levy-Jenning Graphs & Twin Plot
    • Soft start and stop of all reagent and sample probes
    • Vertical Obstruction Detection (VOD) system protects the probe needles from damage
    • Separation of biohazardous waste for safe disposal
    • Float sensor based platform with alarms for D.I. water, cleaning solution and waste containers
    • Storage of calibration trace data with reagent blank O.D. and calibration O.D.

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