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ERBA Mannheim's instruments and reagents are accepted the world over for their quality, precision and ease of operation.

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XL 600

XL 600

The Erba XL 600 is a fully automated, Clinical Chemistry analyser with throughput of 600 tests/hr.

The Erba XL 600 is a fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 600 tests/hr with I.S.E (Na/K/Cl). This economical analyser is designed to give you quick returns without any compromise. The high resolution diffraction grating ensures a very high degree of photometric accuracy.

  • Bar coded reagents and sample identification minimizes programming time
  • Sapphire oump for improved precision and accuracy
  • Permanent hard glass cuvettes
  • Offers a wide choice of 50 different on-board tests
  • Cooled reagent tray to hold 50 bar coded bottles
  • Specially designed “Twin layered” sample disk
  • Probes with Vertical Obstruction Detection facility
  • Primary tubes sampling with bar coding
  • Capability to perform 2 reagent tests
  • Economical 200 µl reagent consumption / test
  • Low D.I water consumption

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XL 600