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ERBA Mannheim's instruments and reagents are accepted the world over for their quality, precision and ease of operation.

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Erba Chemtouch

Erba Chemtouch

Chemtouch is the latest Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer,with touch screen interface.

Chemtouch is the latest semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer, with touch screen interface offering a new level of performance. It's 5 reporting formats allows flexibility in reporting. Abnormal samples can be detected well in advance with its real time graphs offering advance intimation.

    • Results can be recalculated to avoid re-run of high value sample
    • Built in Quality Control- 3 Levels of QC with Levy-Jennings plot aids in identifying random and systematic errors
    • Standard and sample replicates- ensure accurate and precise results
    • Temperature selection of a wide range from 20 º to 40 º thereby making it adaptive to various chemistries
    • Allows non- linear calibration of upto 10 standards- futuristic technology for test requiring multiple calibrators
    • Unique Triple Cuvette System
    • Low reagent consumption
    • USB connectivity to printer and computer- making interfacing more convenient
    • Built in self diagnosis

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