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ERBA Mannheim's instruments and reagents are accepted the world over for their quality, precision and ease of operation.

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Erba Chem 5 v3

Erba Chem 5 v3

The Erba Chem 5v3 is an OPEN system Clinical Chemistry analyser with 9 Analytical modes.

The Erba Chem 5v3 is an open system clinical chemistry analyzer with 9 analytical modes including absorbance, linear & non linear calculations for 1 point, Rate A and 1 point sample blank methods.

  • 150 open programmable test memory
  • Dual cuvette facility
  • Repeat measurement by read key
  • Extensive QC programme & memory facility
  • Universal power adaptor
  • Model with built in printer available

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Erba Chem 5v3