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About Us

We at ERBA Mannheim, deliver excellence through world-class quality and technology with unmatched standards of customer satisfaction.
Research & Development

Constantly striving to better our best and innovating to serve customers better is one of the key growth drivers at the ERBA Group. Our dedicated team of experts in software, mechanical engineering, electronics, embedded software, alongwith domain experts in clinical chemistry, hematology, hemostatis, immunology, urine analysis and microbiology have helped create an impressive track record of successful projects. A team of over 100 R&D personnel, spread across four continents in USA (Miami), Italy (Rome), France (Montpellier), Czech Republic (Brno), India (Mumbai) and Turkey (Istanbul) are constantly working to bring out products with appropriate technology and features to meet the changing customer needs of both the developed and the developing markets.

To support and strengthen its R&D, the ERBA Group invests more than 4.39% of its turnover towards its R&D initiatives.