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Corporate Sustainability

We believe it is our duty to our customers and employees to promote an accountable and sustainable corporate philosophy. Our challenge is to provide healthcare solutions which combine development, progress and respect for the environment.
Corporate Sustainability

Right from its inception, ERBA Mannheim  has chosen 'making a meaningful contribution to society' as a key goal of its business operations. We strongly believe in improving the quality of life of the communities we serve. Our subsidiaries in different countries engage in various honorary causes for the benefit of the needy and deserving.

In India, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., with a focus on ensuring overall development for the underprivileged children, has initiated a host of activities for their betterment. The various programmes, emphasizing on the importance of education include study class program, computer education, regular contests, counselling session and career guidance, educational assistance, excursions, programs for teachers and medical camps. As of date, more than 850 children have benefited from these programmes. 

Apart from these, the company also supports, the Thalassemic society in various regions. In the recent past it has supported Parents Association Thalassemic Unit Trust in Mumbai (India) and the Thalassemic Society of Pune (India) and Delhi(India).